Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Sextape Leaked!


Justin Bieber was recently caught hanging out with his new best friend (and Selena's ex) Nick Jonas. This was the final straw for Selena Gomez who dumped him officially after learning this. The source of their recent turmoil? Justin had recorded a sex tape of him and Selena and show it to his friends, and that same video has now ended up the hands of the media! His cellphone at a hotel in Phoenix Arizona and it was found by a local employee who sold the phone to the local news. Sources say that over 20 videos were found on the phone, some of the videos are of Justin by himself that Selena recorded and others showing both parties in the video. An employee at the local news station stole the videos from a news desk and is said to be selling them to various sources.

And we have it here.

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